Are you ready to tame the tantrums, stop yelling and create a peaceful and positive family dynamic?

Then it's time to become a Toddler Trainer!

The Spring Session of How To Train Your Toddler is now closed. Put your name on the waitlist below and you will receive coupon codes and updates when the next session is getting ready to begin! 

Do you know, deep down, that something needs to change but you've tried everything you can think of to...

  • Tame the tantrums and have more patience
  • Keep your cool as you repeat the same statement for the 100th time
  • Get your kids to listen without having to scream or lose your temper
  • Stay calm at the dinner table as your kiddos throw their food on the floor for the fifth night in a row

You're a parent in 2018. You are overtired, overworked, stressed out and possibly outnumbered. Your kids are probably addicted to technology (and maybe you are too) because that's the age they are growing up in. Your lack of patience makes you react before fully assessing a situation. You want so badly to have a loving and positive relationship that, when you do discipline, you rarely follow through because the "guilt" sets in. 

I see you. I get it. I have the answer...keep reading...

If you want something to BE different, you need to DO something different!

To the overhwelmed parent... 


Who knows that parenting is a privilege, but the day-to-day feels more like a chore...


Who wants to teach their child(ren) how to make good choices but is really just teaching them to obey (or not)...


Who has finite resources (time, energy and money) and needs tools to bring peace and harmony back into their family...


Who has more things on their to-do list than the number of hours in a day...

How to Train Your Toddler is the answer! 

And even though the Spring Session is closed, there is no better time to get started than RIGHT NOW! 

What are you waiting for? Get your name on the wait list!

Hi! I'm Lynn Turcotte-Schuh. A wife, mom and former Marine Mammal Trainer. 

When I was little (about three years old) I was caught on tape (by my parents) "talking" to the sea lions at New England Aquarium in Boston, MA. The gist of the conversation went like this:  

3-YEAR OLD ME: You are so pretty. You move like magic. How do you hold your breathe so long? I can't swim that good, who taught you to swim? SEAL LIONS: *blank stares*

3-YEAR OLD ME: When I grow up, I will teach you like those people are doing. I will you know. Just wait. See you soon! SEA LIONS: *blank stares* Bark, Bark

Fast-forward about 17 years and I am walking across the stage at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island having just finished a 5-week internship at New England Aquarium and about to embark upon a 3-month internship at a brand new facility in Seward, Alaska. My degree? Biology, with a concentration in Marine Zoology.  

That internship in Alaska would lead me to my first "real job" in the field and I would continue on my journey of learning and evolving as a Marine Mammal Trainer for the next ten years. I would work with the largest and most dangerous sea lion species, the Steller sea lion, as well as California sea lions, African penguins and several species of seals. All the while honing my skills in operant conditioning - the science of learning.

Now, four years out of my career as a Marine Mammal Trainer and four years into my career as a Toddler Trainer, I am bringing all of that experience, insight and excitement to you and your family.  

My approach to parenting works for any child at any age. It can work for you, too.

Where respect and rules coincide with hugs and humor...

Where stress is reduced and smiles are unlimited...

Where the peace and calm are so overwhelming, your home feels like a magical fairyland...

All of this is possible for you and so much more…the Spring Session may be closed, but you can still take action today! Get on the wait list to receive program dates and discounts for our next session!


By the time we're finished, you'll be armed with the Skills, Tools and Strategies to teach rather than discipline...


My schedule is so tight and my family is so busy!! Will I actually have time to participate in this program???

First of all, the fact that your family is so busy is part of why you need this make sure you are taking time to connect with each other. Second, each week has one topic to read about and several simple action steps to take. ALL coaching calls with me will be recorded and you have access to everything FORVER! Review the content on your own schedule and leave questions in the Facebook group if you can't make it live...I will be there to support you no matter what! 

I’m afraid it’s selfish of me to spend this money on myself and buy this program.  

Mama, you are buying right into the "Mom Guilt" that has pervaded our culture! We have been convinced that investing in our own personal development is “selfish” and “wasteful.” I have a question for you...what does your family look like if you DON'T spend money on this program and you DON'T change the dynamic in which you currently parent? You are worth making this investment in yourself and so is your family. 

What happens after I sign up?  

Other than me doing the Happy Dance?!? You should receive an email from Thinkific with your account log-in information. That email should also contain a link to join the private Facebook group where you can start connecting with the other families. All of your instructions and support will be located inside the Facebook group and Thinkific course. 

What if How to Train Your Toddler isn’t what I was hoping it would be?

I believe that this page explains in detail what you’re getting and the transformation you can achieve through How to Train Your Toddler. However, if you feel that you’ve put in the work to see no results from this course, I’d be happy to give you a refund within 30 days of your purchase on the condition that you show ample proof of implementation.  

Just send an email to, and if you’re still within your 30 period, your request will be processed after proof of work done is provided.

Will I have immediate access to all the training material or is it released on a weekly basis?

You'll have instant access to the Facebook group but the content itself will be released one week at a time. Remember you have LIFETIME access to this course including any updates.

How is support provided? Do I get direct access to Lynn?

I am here to help you however I can. You have two support channels to reach out to me:  

1) Group Coaching Calls during your 90-day program 2) Live Q&A sessions inside the private Facebook group both during, and after, your 90-day program

Remember, this is a self-study program with the support of Lynn, your fellow coursemates and the How to Train Your Toddler Facebook community.

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