You've tried yelling. You've tried time-outs. You've tried taking away screen time and toys.

And none of it is working...Maybe it's time to try something completely different...

The Present Parent follows a unique framework of Four Steps and Four Agreements to help you start communicating & connecting with your child in a positive way, to gain a peaceful and joyful family dynamic and to begin teaching your child rather than disciplining them.

Get the parent-child relationship you've been dreaming about in just 90 days!

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Do you know, deep down, that something needs to change but you've tried everything you can think of to...

  • Tame the tantrums and have more patience
  • Keep your cool as you repeat the same statement for the 100th time
  • Get your kids to listen without having to scream or lose your temper
  • Be a positive influence on your children, not an intimidating one

You're a parent in 2019. You are overtired, overworked, stressed out and possibly outnumbered.

Your kids are probably addicted to technology (and maybe you are too) because that's the age they are growing up in. 

Your lack of patience makes you react before fully assessing a situation.

You want so badly to have a loving and positive relationship that, when you do discipline, you rarely follow through because the "guilt" sets in. 

I see you. I get it. I have the answer...

If you want something to BE different, you need to DO something different!

To the overhwelmed parent... 


Who knows that parenting is a privilege, but the day-to-day feels more like a chore...


Who wants to teach their child(ren) how to make good choices but is really just teaching them to obey (or not)...


Who has finite resources (time, energy and money) and needs tools to bring peace and harmony back into their family...


Who has more things on their to-do list than the number of hours in a day...

The Present Parent is the answer! 

Here some of the program highlights:

  • Private Coaching sessions that will focus on your specific parenting struggles and scenarios.
  • Membership in the online community offering a safe place to ask questions and share challenges without feeling judged.
  • A curriculum that teaches the science of Operant Conditioning and gives you the ability to apply the skills you are learning in ALL relationships, not just the one with your child.
  • A private Google Drive folder with all session notes and recorded coaching calls so you can rewatch them as needed!
  • An instructor that is a Marine Mammal Trainer turned Mama, which gives you the unique opportunity to gain perspective and wisdom that you will not find in ANY OTHER parenting course!
  • Otional Upgrade to the LIFETIME Progrom, which will give you forever membership to the online community including access to monthly GROUP coaching calls with me.
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Hi! I'm Lynn Turcotte-Schuh. A wife, mom and former Marine Mammal Trainer. 

Why should that matter to you?

Because it means that I spent OVER A DECADE honing my kills in the science of learning. Communicating in a positive and connected way that made the animals I was working with WANT to engage.

As a Marine Mammal Trainer, I worked with the largest and most dangerous sea lion species, the Steller sea lion, as well as California sea lions, African penguins and several species of seals. When working with these animals staying calm, creating a positive connection and responding with intention could mean the difference between a great session or a trip to the hospital.

Now, five years out of my career as a Marine Mammal Trainer and five years into my career as a Present Parent, I am bringing all of that experience, insight and excitement to you and your family. Helping you to create a positive connection with you child and respond with intention to get the results you've been looking for!

My approach to parenting works for any child at any age. It can work for you, too.

Who is the Present Parent For?

  • The parent who wants their child to WANT to cooperate but doesn’t want to get there by yelling and disciplining.
  • The parent who wants to gain a balance between connection and structure.
  • The parent who wants to have their partner working with them as a team.
  • The parent who needs more patience.
  • The parent who need more tools, strategies and support.
  • The parent who wants to strengthen your connection with your child to set your relationship up for future success.
  • The parent who has tried EVERYTHING and feels like nothing works. 

Meet Nicole...Mama of Two... 

" I absolutely love being part of the Happy Mama Wellness community and have learned so much from Lynn on my parenting journey. The most recent course that I participated in, “The Present Parent”, was excellent. The course is designed for busy parents, like myself and the topics were spread across a reasonable amount of time, allowing me to learn and retain the information in small segments and not feel overwhelmed. I’ve learned SO much about the way that my child learns and functions, and it has truly changed the way that I parent. Lynn is always accessible and willing to answer questions and I love that there are weekly live calls for the group to speak together. The things that we have learned from Lynn have helped our household become a much more peaceful place. "

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