Congratulations on your growing family...and Welcome!

My name is Lynn and I am the founder of Happy Mama Welless and a Certified Childirth Educator that has been supporting expectant parents since the birth of my own daughter in 2013. 

I have taught in the hospitals as well as privately in my home. I have learned and tweaked and learned some more...and the result is an amazingly comprehensive curriculum that I can't wait to share with you! My signature program, Childbirth Made Easy(er) is now enrolling students and I hope you will be one of them...I can't wait to meet you!

I'm In! Let's Get Started!

I have very distinct memories of my pregnancy.

I was working so hard to eat right, stay active and create the healthiest and happiest environment I could for my growing baby.

When I started thinking about labor and birth, it just didn't make sense to me that, right at the end - after all this hard work - I would pump my body (and my baby's body) full of narcotics just to make it easier on myself.

There was a HUGE disconnect there.

I started researching and found a childbirth preparation course that went through labor, birth and beyond. It explained all the options I had and how to prepare my body and mind for the work of labor. My wife and I learned to work as a team, a well-oiled machine.

And in the end, when my labor started, I felt calm, relaxed, excited. I felt prepared.

I went in with the intent of trusting my body, letting it do its thing...and if I got to a point where it was too overwhelming, I would not be a martyr...I would ask for help.

The unmedicated, vaginal birth of my baby girl was an experience so empowering and so life-changing that it continues to push me to help others achieve the same.

Don't get me wrong, it was hard work, it took every ounce of energy and strength I could muster...but I let go and trusted my body and it did not let me down.

This is what I want for you.

Not necessarily the unmedicated part...but the part where you feel prepared, you trust your body and you come out the other side feeling empowered...

...knowing (as you enter your new role as a parent) that you can do ANYTHING and that you can TRUST yourself.

I want that for you and I hope you want it for yourself.

If you do...let's get started...register for Childbirth Made Easy(er), join the Happy Mama Movement and start preparing for your new role today!

Still trying to decide if you need to take a class at all?

I get it...only about 20% of first-time parents take a childbirth preparation class. Why is that number so low? Personally, I think it's because of all the misinformation circulating about how many options you actually have. Taking a class can make you more prepared than you even knew you could be...I HIGHLY recommend it!

Here are some of the incredible benefits of taking a childbirth class...even if it's not with me!

  • A woman's body was built for growing and birthing babies. Taking a class helps you understand what to expect from your body and increase your confidence for the big day.
  • During your childbirth preparation class, you have the opportunity to discuss your fears about labor and birth with both the instructor and the other students - who quite often have the same fears and anxieties. Calming these fears can actually keep your labor on track and progressing normally...never mind giving you a much more positive experience.
  • Some students find that completing a class with their partner creates a stronger bond that better prepares them to parent together.
  • During a good childbirth class, you get a full picture of ALL the options available to you. Childbirth Made Easy(er) is certainly a "good" childbirth class!

Still on the fence about taking a class with Me?

Here's what the Mamas I have worked with want you to know...

Amanda - "Amazing experience! Lynn is very knowledgeable and was supportive through the entire pregnancy. I truly appreciate her getting my husband involved. The experience brought us even closer. I highly recommend taking a class with her." 

Samantha - "Taking class with Lynn was one of my favorite parts of my pregnancy. I felt cared for an important in classand incredibly prepared and calm during the birth of mu daughter. Lynn is a fantastic teacher and an even better role model for all parents."

Lorraine - "Lynn was, and is, amazing! I was referred to her by a friend and we took her three-hour course. She taught me so much in that short time and the information stuck. I heard her voice in my head a few times throughout my labor. I was able to have an unmedicated vaginal birth and I attribute a good portion of that to Lynn. She is, without a doubt, my top recommendation for birth classes." 

Nicole - "I can't say enough about how fantastic Lynn is - we learned SO much in her class. I ended up having a fairly difficult labor and delivery and having the information both on what was happening and how to stay calm and manage pain was absolutely essential to both my husband and myself. We were able to go into it feeling not only completely prepared but also cared for. Lynn even took the time to visit us in the hospital and has kept in touch throughout our daughter's first year. Lynn's caring and gentle nature, and love for her work, makes her the very best choice for childbirth education."